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Gren Business Dimensions is a registered Company in Nigeria that was established with the aim of promoting business successes through it's various business modules designed to help in the growth and expansion of our clients' businesses.
Through our reliable partners in the United States of America, Gren Business Dimensions also help clients facilitate funds for specific business projects from EXIM Bank and other finance options for your organisation to aid expansion and growth as well

O U R | T E A M

Principal Consultant

Gren Business Dimensions is led by a team of highly professional and focus driven Executives who are committed to making a difference in the business world GLOBALLY. This dynamic team is led by Mrs. Rosemary Akaette Duamlong who is a seasoned Business Tourism/PR Consultant.

O U R | C L I E N T E L E

Our clientele cuts across:
■ All Business Executives/ Owners
■ Goverment
■ Organisations
■ Entrepreneurs
■ Large and Small Scale Business Owners
■Investors and Brokers




A F F I L I A T E S | & | P A R T N E R S

These are notable partners we have worked with over the years:

Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce(JCCI), South Africa
Department of Trade and Investment, Pretoria, South Africa
Department of Trade and Investment, Durban, South Africa
Abby Travels and Tours, South Africa
City of Choice Travels and Tours, Durban, South Africa
Kofa International Co, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Continental Africa Chamber of Commerce, Chicago, Illnois, USA
Kadze Inc, Canada
Khairat Concepts and Solutions, Atlanta - Georgia
Heal & Wheel, India

The list of Gren Business Dimension's partners is expanding with new frontiers of businesses opening daily, based on the impact of our business relations from past business tours

O U R | S T R E N G T H | [ C - D R I V E ]

C - Creativity
D - Dependable
R - Right Pricing
I - Innovative
V- Versatility
E - Enduring


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