PA C K A G E D - T O U R S


We understand the need for rest, recreation and holiday. To this end, we have specialized packages that will suit every one across board. No matter your choice of holiday preference or your dream holiday yet to be fulfilled, we are able to take you there and fill you with sweet memories that will last a life time at your return. We have a list of exotic and unique holiday packages to please you just at your asking.

At Gren Business, we understand that today’s youths are significant to the future development of our Great Nation. To this effect, we are committed to promoting EDUTOURISM because the knowledge needed to make the informed mind is based on the amount of exposure gotten from the diversity in life, in addition to what is received within the walls of the Institution of Learning.
Through our networks and contacts, Gren Business Dimensions will put together specific educational tours that will aid in broadening the horizon, knowledge and global view of our Students, modeled after the standard practice of education received in the western world.

We are flexible to accommodate your request and satisfy your specific need. With our experience, we are able to handle any and every customized package that will satisfy the desire of our clients. Our customized tour packages covers individual, corporate and group/club request.


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